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Concrete Tools
CSI stocks a variety of concrete tools such as edgers, groovers, floats, fresnos, screeds, rakes, and accessories from Kraft and Marshalltown.
www.krafttool.com   www.marshalltown.com
Concrete Chemicals
Contractors Supply carries concrete chemicals such as cures, seals, joint sealants, bonding agents, form oil, and surface retarders from Dayton Superior and BASF. 
Concrete Materials
We stock rebar supports, anchor bolts, tie wire, bar ties, fiber or column tubes, steel form pins, expansion joint, wall ties, ADA panels, Gates forms, and more.
Surveyor Supplies
At Contractors Supply, we carry wood stakes, pointed and non-pointed lath, mag nails, surveyor vests, stake chasers, grade rods, and inverted marking paint. As a Seco dealer, we have access to numerous other non-stock items.
Safety Supplies
CSI carries hard hats, eye glasses, safety vests, reflective cones, delineator posts, and metal class II gas cans. We also stock some fall protection from manufacturers such as Capital Safety.
Rigging Supplies
We stock nylon slings, alloy lifting chain, steel cable chokers, clevis shackles, and swivel hooks from manufacturers such as Crosby, Gunnebo, and Laclede.
www.thecrosbygroup.com    www.gunnebojohnson.com     www.lacledechain.com
Blades, Drill Bits, and Tools
Contractors Supply carries masonry drill bits, abrasive and diamond saw blades, shovels, sledges, landscape rakes, and aluminum levelutes. We also carry hand and iron working tools from Klein.
Truck and Jobsite Boxes
CSI is an authorized Knaack and Weatherguard dealer. Stop in and see what Contractor’s Supply carries for your jobsite and truck storage needs.
www.knaack.com   www.weatherguard.com
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